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Australian towns get plenty of sunshine, so taking up solar to harvest free energy from the sun is a smart choice in the local Wollongong, Shellharbour, Helensburgh and Kiama regions. One of the most efficient ways to use solar energy is by installing solar hot water.

The choices you have with solar hot water stretch far further than what you can achieve with solar panels alone, and will still be covered by available Green Energy grants and subsidies with the Australian Government Renewable Energy Target Scheme.

If you aren’t sure where to get started with your solar journey, solar hot water is the perfect place to begin. It requires fewer panels than PV to work, has insulated storage so you have hot water available 24/7 and it will have a significant positive impact on your energy bills and in reducing your carbon footprint.

The average Australian home produces most of its greenhouse gas emissions from a single source: Electric water heating. Traditional hot water production accounts for almost a quarter of your total household emissions. The saving from solar is important and will have a lasting effect on the health of our planet. All that energy it’s also a big expense to your power bills, which will typically peak in winter with those long hot showers.

Along with the highest quality offerings from the biggest brands in hot water, Solahart Wollongong reaches further by adding innovative, affordable and more flexible hot water solutions designed right here in the Wollongong area, to give customers even more choice, even when rooftop panels aren’t an option.

Rather than pay high grid energy rates, look at a wider range of energy-efficient hot water options using the sun.

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Solahart are your local experts in hot water systems Wollongong. We have a team of plumbers who are highly trained across all types of hot water systems. We also sell and service many other electric hot water systems too! Conventional gas or electric water heating are significant contributors to energy use and costs in your house. Using free energy from the sun to heat water is an effective way to use Australia’s ample sunshine to provide cost-effective and reliable hot water, helping you save energy, money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Solahart 302L

Solahart L Series

Our most popular system, designed to provide economical service in medium to high solar gain areas.

Solahart 302SP

Solahart SP Series

Frost protected system, designed for use in medium to high solar gain areas.


Solahart Streamline 322MLV

Streamline MLV Series

Split system solar for areas of medium to high solar gain.


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Solar water heating is a highly efficient process where energy from the sun is captured to heat water in a tank to be used when needed in your home. There are a number of different approaches you can take to achieve this result that will suit different roof and property types as well as personal needs, budgets and preferences.

No matter where you are in the Illawarra region, Solahart Wollongong offers a wide range of high-quality options in each of the following categories:

Rooftop hot water

This is a stand-alone solar hot water system with a roof-mounted panel and water tank. As well as collecting solar energy throughout the day to heat and store hot water, these units can be boosted by the grid (either natural gas or electricity) if needed. The booster elements are significantly cheaper to use than running a gas or electric hot water system.


Split System Hot water

Along with traditional roof-mounted hot water systems, Solahart offers a variety of Streamline Split-Systems. These are more visually appealing as the water tank storage is kept on the ground, rather than the roof. The sun collecting element will still be on the roof but it’s a much neater and discrete system than rooftop-mounted units.


Combining Solar with electric hot water heaters

Solahart offers two in-house hot water systems designed to be compatible with rooftop solar panels or be solar-ready – even if you aren’t. If you are using solar panels to heat your traditional electric hot water there can be delays in when your hot water is ready, because it will need solar energy to heat the tank. Solahart bypasses this issue with storage tanks that work more intelligently through closer compatibility with solar panels to give you hot water when you actually need it, even if sunlight isn’t on your panels yet:

The Solahart Streamline Solar Ready Hot Water Heater
If you are planning on installing solar hot water in the future but need a new water heater now, this is your solution. You get access to electric hot water that can be switched to solar when you are ready.

Solahart PowerStore
If you already have solar power and are generating more than you need at certain times of the day, you can send it to your hot water tank to harvest and heat water rather than sell the energy back to the grid. Solahart PowerStore is Australia’s first solar-smart electric water heater, and it’s a much better way to use excess energy that will make a big difference to your energy bills and give you access to solar-backed hot water 24/7.


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the perfect option for properties that don’t have the capacity for solar. While some electricity is still required to run a few of the internal elements, the water heating component of the heat pump runs on hot air, extracted from the surrounding environment. Even a small amount of heat in the air is enough to activate the chemical chamber and boil water for your home use. These can replace any electrical hot water heater with minimal additional installation fees.


Rooftop and split system solar hot water solutions use semiconductor crystal cells to capture the sun’s heat and use it to heat the fluid circulating inside. The hot water produced is then stored in an insulated tank until you need it. This storage ability means you can have hot water ready no matter the time of day or the local weather.

Solar hot water works independently from solar panels, and in some ways is a superior option to having your electric hot water run off solar PV because it:

  • Needs fewer panels to get results
  • Takes up less roof space
  • Has a larger cell to energy output
  • Gives you access to hot water round the clock

You can get started with solar hot water in your Wollongong property now and install PV solar at a later date to help cover your general home electricity needs, or have both solutions installed at the same time.


Installing a solar water heating system significantly reduces carbon emissions produced by your home. As well as saving as much as 65% on your energy bills, you’ll be cutting back as much as 2.7 Tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

The range of solar hot water solutions on offer is flexible enough to meet any budget and assist in reducing energy bills for any home layout.


Solahart Wollongong offers a full range of different types to help accommodate different property types and budgets. Our expert technicians can come to your property to provide a free assessment of the best solar hot water types suitable for your home and the benefits you’ll experience immediately once it’s installed.

We only offer the highest quality products from trusted, reliable brands to make sure your hot water solution provides strong and consistent performance over the life of the unit across:


  • Rooftop solar
  • Split system hot water
  • electric-solar hot water heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Pool heat pumps
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Solahart started its solar journey back in 1953 with Australia’s first copper hot water solar tank right here in the Wollongong region. While we have expanded and modernised our solar offerings since then, hot water innovation and solar solutions are still close to our hearts. As big as we have become in solar, we still choose to remain locally owned and operated in the Illawarra area.

When it comes to reducing your energy bills we will only ever offer you quality products with proven service and performance to give you absolute peace of mind for your solar investment. We are so sure of this promise that we back everything we do with a full Australian warranty.

Talk to our dedicated team about your solar hot water options in the Illawarra area, covering Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama and Helensburgh. We can set you up with reliable hot water solutions using energy that’s free from the sun.


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