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Solahart Wollongong provides and installs clean energy solutions with a wide range of quality solar products that offer more flexibility and personal choice. As well as providing solar solutions from some of the world’s leading brands, Solahart are proud to design, engineer and test our very own quality products, right here in Australia.

Our local Wollongong service expertise covers the entire Illawarra region including the Shellharbour and Kiama Local Government areas, Helensburgh and Wollongong township and surrounds.

Take advantage of our free on-site assessment. This is the best way for our expert team to match the right solution to your unique home needs. We’ll chat to you about what you want to achieve from your solar as well as discuss your current energy use and look at your current gas and electricity systems. We’ll also assess your property requirements to make sure the solutions we offer will be the best fit. The positioning of your rooftops, roof type and any shading will be determining factors in the solar energy solutions that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Whether you are just starting out on your solar journey or looking to take your initial solar setup further, Solahart Wollongong can provide all your solar energy needs. Let our team explain your options and demonstrate the combination of solar power products, from roof panels and inverters to energy storage batteries and off-grid systems.

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Solahart Platinum Optimised PV Systems with SolarEdge Inverters

Solahart Platinum Optimised PV Systems with SolarEdge Inverters

Solahart Panels and SolarEdge Inverters

Solahart Panel FIMER Inverters

Solahart Premium Plus PV Systems

Solahart Panels and FIMER Inverters

Solahart Suncell Panels GoodWe Inverters

Solahart Premium PV Systems

SunCell Panels and GoodWe Inverters


Solahart Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solahart Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep your Solahart Solar Panels fully functioning with our Solar Panel Cleaning Services.


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Energy from the sun is solar energy. Catching this natural energy and using it in our homes is what we call, solar power.

There are plenty of ways to create energy for our homes, most of which are reliant on fossil fuels and require a heavy amount of resources to harvest and deliver. Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy types available, it’s immediately accessible to just about every home and harvesting it is as simple as catching the heat and light produced by the sun.

Solar power is the process of converting solar energy into electrical energy to be used in your home to run your appliances and assist you with your day-to-day living. The easiest way to do this is with solar panels attached to your home, shed, or garage roof.

With solar, you will stay connected to the main electricity grid and are able to draw power as normal if you need it. You will need to use the energy immediately, however, you can install a battery system for reliable storage to use when solar energy is unavailable or sell your unused energy back to electricity providers.


There are two main types of solar power technology: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal.

PV solar is the most flexible and efficient way to harness solar energy for general home use, businesses and farms. Solar panels are created by encasing photovoltaic cells in anti-reflective glass with an aluminium frame. These are usually roof-mounted in order to get the best access to light.

The PV cells collect light from the sun and convert it into Direct Current (DC). That current goes into an inverter and converts to 240V AC which is compatible with your home electricity switchboard.

You can choose to install one panel or line your entire roof to gather as much energy as needed to help power your home. The amount of power you harvest will depend on your sunlight levels, rooftop position and the quality of your solar panels.


Scientific research has helped make big gains in solar energy products and purchases. Solar power is now climbing in popularity and reducing the strain on the world’s natural resources.

As well as understanding the importance of harvesting cleaner energies through environmental impact studies, increased technology and better manufacturing options have helped bring solar energy prices down, providing flexible choices and more reliable energy conversions.

When solar panels are getting direct sunlight during peak times of the day, most households have more energy than they can use. Unused energy can be sold back onto the grid so you can earn an income on the solar you don’t need, or you can choose to charge a battery to use when the sun goes down. This method has been able to give some households complete independence from grid electricity.

While some people are put off by the price of buying and installing solar, once it’s in, it’s done. Even having the smallest system installed can generate around 40% of your household energy needs (based on average Australian consumption) which means your Solahart PV system will pay for itself quickly, through ongoing energy savings.


Solahart Wollongong makes it easy to choose your solar energy solution with our solar panel and inverter packages. We provide, install and service solar power packages as well as individual solar products to the Illawarra region, covering Wollongong as well as Shellharbour, Kiama and Helensburgh. 

Solar packages are carefully designed to cover a range of different specifications to suit different applications and budgets and provide everything you need to get going. We thoroughly test across our range as well as the polycrystalline cells we use individually, to ensure optimum performance for the life of the panels. 

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For almost 70 years, Solahart has been setting the standard for solar energy systems in Australia. As well as installing products, we engineer our own, giving us an in-depth knowledge of solar that is hard to rival.

There’s no need to continue overpaying for grid energy and being at the mercy of electricity providers when solar energy is free from the sun.

Locally owned and operated right here in Wollongong, our dedicated local team can provide you with the highest possible products and service quality. All our products are backed by our full Australian warranty for peace of mind for the life of your system.

For all your solar needs across Illawarra, have a qualified solar expert come to your home in Wollongong, Helensburgh, Shellharbour or Kiama to conduct a free on-site assessment and get you started on a greener journey.


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