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Solahart Wollongong are proud of our top-quality solar panels and equipment. With the longest provision of solar products in Australia and a range of products that include our very own engineered and Australian-tested panels, we are truly placed as one of the most reliable and experienced solar energy providers.

Having solar panels installed on your residential rooftop is a fantastic investment that gives back as soon as you switch them on. You’ll save money by gaining access to free sun power while also significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

When looked after correctly solar panels will continue to deliver high energy, free from the sun, directly to your home for 25 years or more. Our cell testing shows that our solar panels remain highly effective with strong output even at the 20 and 25-year mark.

One way to ensure that your solar equipment is running to the highest level of efficiency for longer is through regular maintenance. In most cases your solar energy set-up will tick along nicely on its own without help, however, having regular cleaning scheduled will give us a chance to go over your panels, check for faults and give them a good polish to remove dirt, dust, bird droppings or anything else that might have become stuck along the way.

Another bonus to a scheduled solar panel clean is that we can catch any small faults early, before they become big issues. Preventative maintenance is far easier to manage than repairs, allowing us to get you back off the grid fast, usually under your solar warranty as well.

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In terms of solar panel maintenance, there isn’t much that needs to be done, the most common type of work your panels will require is a simple clean.

High-quality solar panel installations and rigorous testing give your PV systems long life and durability, even in the face of Illawarra’s ferocious rain, hail and high winds. Another factor that makes your solar panels low maintenance is their tilt. Most solar panels are installed at an angle to catch the full strength of the sun for as long as possible. This slope is also a handy self-wash, as rain will clean away the majority of dirt and leaves.

Even still, over time, dust and debris collect on your solar panels which can compromise the level of energy they are able to produce, especially in the dry months where there is little rain. While different panels will be affected differently by small energy blockages, all solar panels can benefit from a wash now and again.

When your solar panels are clean and well maintained you can feel confident that you are getting the maximum return from your solar investment, with the highest volume of energy possible flowing to your home, to your battery storage as well as back to the grid.


The easiest way to set up your solar maintenance is to talk with us about a schedule and prices when you have your panels installed. It is generally recommended that you perform solar panel cleaning between two and four times per year, however, you might need less than this, depending on your panel type, slope and expected rainfall. As locals, we know the local Illawarra environment, covering Helensburgh, Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama extensively, so we are able to assess how frequently your maintenance scheduling needs to be for optimal solar performance based on weather conditions. We can make your bookings then and there so you don’t have to give it another thought.

We’ll send you a reminder when your maintenance dates are coming up to arrange a time that suits you best. We’ll hand wash your panels from the roof level using solar-friendly treatments with the right hose pressure and water temperature that gets the job done lightning fast in the safest way possible.

We really believe that solar panel maintenance is an important part of your solar panel investment so we do our best to make it affordable and easy to take up with low prices and fast service.

Aside from scheduled maintenance, you can also monitor your PV output through your solar app. If you see a sudden and unexplained reduction in your energy output give us a call to assess the issue and provide some feedback.


At Solahart Wollongong we always put safety first, and your solar maintenance is no exception. Servicing your solar is not as simple as switching a switch and having your panels go off. The current will always be active because of the way the cells are designed. Because of this, and the fact that you are waltzing around on a high roof, it really is best to leave your solar maintenance up to the experts.

The good news is that solar panel maintenance is a fast and inexpensive service. While we are cleaning your solar we have the opportunity to check over your panels, make sure the wiring is all sound and quickly respond to any damage as well as make sure your:

  • Panels are securely fastened
  • Vents are debris free
  • Switches are working
  • Fittings and cables are attached
  • Inverter displays are showing
  • Emergency switches are active

The small cost of maintenance through Solahart is well worth the benefits of having professionals maintain your investment and carry out any electrical work on the spot.

In addition to solar panel cleaning the other maintenance we recommend is a once-yearly inspection. Most times we can do this check at the same time as cleaning but if there has been a particularly bad storm or there are indications of damage from your solar app data it’s worth asking us to come out for an additional maintenance check.

Make sure you keep an organised copy of all your maintenance paperwork and any reports we provide so that you make a warranty claim if any faults show up down the track.


Solarhart Wollongong knows the tricks and tips for cleaning your solar panels quickly and effectively. We also have the right tools and treatments on hand to make sure your solar is given the gentle care needed for maintaining long life and durability.

Other wear and tear we look out for while cleaning your solar panels include damage from:

  • Water and moisture seepage
  • Vermin
  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Heatwaves

If your panels are damaged we can help look after repairs and put through your warranty claim on panels and solar equipment. We’ll also be sure to carry out a fast installation to get your solar power back up to full speed.

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Because Solahart is locally owned and operated right here in the Illawarra region we understand the weather and requirements for effective solar performance and maintenance. Let our dedicated local team get you started with solar and keep you going with strong reliable energy that’s free from the sun.

Our high-quality products and service are backed by a full Australian warranty for extra peace of mind. For solar maintenance throughout Wollongong, Kiama, Helensburgh and Shellharbour our team are here to help reduce your energy bills.


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