Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage: The Complete Guide

June 6, 2022

If you’re living in Wollongong and looking to increase your energy technology, we have you covered. Solahart are certified installers for the Tesla Powerwall 2, a strong and maintenance-free home battery system that can drastically increase your solar power flexibility or replace a tired and fuel-hungry generator you might have for emergencies at your place of business.

Prior to Tesla, battery storage for your solar was limited – to say the least – with options for solar-charged batteries big, expensive to install and requiring a lot of maintenance. As the technology for electric cars soars, so does our ability to provide services to homeowners and businesses to go off the grid for longer. 

The newest battery offering from Tesla is designed to be practical. It’s quiet and there are no protruding wires or heat emissions, making it both child and pet safe. This allows you to mount the compact, slim unit on any wall or floor position inside your home. If you prefer to house your unit outside, the IP67 rated casing makes it completely dust and weatherproof. 

It’s easy to install, completely automated and can be monitored and programmed remotely with an app, to give your total control over when and how you use your power.

What is Tesla Powerwall?

The Tesla Powerwall is a fully-integrated and rechargeable AC battery system that is easy to install at your home or business. It can charge from solar energy sources or the main grid to give you additional power as you need it.

Providing a huge13.5kWh of power when fully charged, the lithium-ion battery storage comes with a built-in inverter to handle the DC (direct current) from your solar and convert it to AC power for your home.

The battery also houses an intelligent self-cooling system to keep it running at optimal levels, even in extreme weather or peak use. This enables Tesla to provide a ten-year warranty, with zero maintenance required in that time frame.

While solar power can cut your energy bills throughout the day, there isn’t much you can do about the need to connect to main power at night – when house lights are blazing and the majority of residents are home for the evening. The Tesla Powerwall 2 can harness any unused energy from your home or business rooftop solar panels to charge a powerful, sleek and smart battery, which then relays green energy into your home after dark.

With energy prices at incredible highs, the difference this makes to the yearly running cost of your home is simply unbeatable, even if you are hit with unexpected extra usage for extra guests, heatwaves or cold snaps.

As well as storing energy, the Tesla Powerwall 2 can detect power outages and automatically switch to become your home’s energy source if needed. 

You can preset your preferences for backup power to be on a limited or full capacity level as requested. This function is a big plus to businesses, even if they don’t have solar, as power stored from the grid inside the battery can be used to maintain power instead of a power-hungry generator.

Benefits of Battery Storage

For homeowners who have solar panels installed, a Tesla Powerwall can give you greater control over your energy use and provide reliable, renewable energy for years to come.

Tesla Powerwall 2 makes it possible to go off the grid entirely, depending on the quality of your solar setup and the energy demands of your home. As well as enhancing your solar power flexibility, it also gives you more control over how you use your energy.

Free Energy Boost

Having an efficient battery connected to your solar panels will assist in reducing your energy bills on those cloudy, foggy and rainy days when your solar can’t quite muster enough sun power to get you through a wash cycle.

These will also be the days when you are more likely to need high energy devices, like a tumble dryer, and will have more entertainment devices turned on too.

Peak time solar

The peak time for energy use in Australia is the evenings, unfortunately, this is the exact same time when your solar panels aren’t going to back you up.

Having a lithium battery charging throughout the day using solar is especially beneficial to those households who are out of the house during the 9-5 sunshine hours. While these are the set times to achieve your life goals, like work, study, school and shopping, you are also missing out on free energy, only to pile home in the evenings and turn on lights, laptops and TVs and power up the kitchen for a family meal. 

While you are out, your Tesla Powerwall will be charged from your solar so that when you get home you will have enough energy to power your home through the evening.

Change your peak power rates

For those who have the choice of power rates, the difference between the cost of peak rate electricity and off-peak can make a big difference to your overall living expenses. 

Even if you don’t have solar – or your solar alone is not enough to cover all your needs – you can set your Tesla Powerwall battery to charge from the grid at off-peak rates and program it to feed back in during peak times. 

This way you are paying off-peak rates but have the flexibility to use the energy whenever you like. It’s a great option for business owners who may see an even bigger difference between the day rates and off-peak than residential properties.

Energy in a blackout

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a big asset during power outages and blackouts. Even if you don’t have solar power, your home or business can draw energy from the grid (including off-peak if you have this option) to charge the battery and store energy until it’s needed. 

When a blackout hits, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is intelligent enough to register the difference and automatically boot up to supply power to your property without you having to lift a finger. While it’s convenient to have lights and power on for any household, it can be life-saving for those who need powered medical equipment or businesses who have fragile items in freezers or fridges and sensitive equipment that can’t be turned off. 

Unlike generators, the Tesla Powerwall is small and quiet, so it won’t bother you, or your neighbours with noise overnight.

More for your money

Initially power buy-back was introduced by the Australian government to encourage a bigger uptake of solar and green energy, however, those energy companies that do agree to buy back your unused solar pay far less for your energy than they charge for peak power. So while you save a little by selling your unused solar back to the grid, it’s not enough to cover your power bills. The Tesla Powerwall 2 offers more flexibility by giving you access to your own power rather than relying on the grid at night. This is far more profitable for you than selling and buying grid energy.

Reduce your carbon footprint

There is a feel-good factor in being self-sufficient. For those who are environmentally conscious and want to do everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint, the Tesla Powerwall is highly rewarding. It is possible to get completely off the grid through the support of the Tesla home battery, especially if your appliances have a high energy rating and are used efficiently.

As much power as you need

Most households will find that a Tesla Powerwall 2 is enough to handle their needs, however, if you have a business you might need more power than the 13.5kWh provided. The battery units can be ‘stacked’ and linked so that you can charge and use power through a Tesla chain. Because they are so compact, it’s feasible to have the space and capacity to harvest and reuse as much power as you need.

Preparing Your Home for Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is easy to install in any home and business with single-phase and 3-phase power, with or without solar power.

Before we get started we’ll take the time to check your energy needs and assess the set-up that will work for your needs. There is no point in making a purchase if you are not going to see an adequate return on your investment.

If you are installing your Tesla Powerwall 2 as part of a new solar panel installation, we can set you up from the start to have everything you need in place. You don’t have to buy the complete package now, you can start with your solar panels and build in the battery at a later date.

If you already have an existing solar panel setup it’s important to get your design checked over as there are a number of small elements that need to match the size and capacity of your solar, including the right cables and switches. While these changes are small and relatively quick to do, it is essential they are done accurately with high-quality equipment to maintain the long life and reliability of your solar as well as the correct placement of your battery.

Why choose Solahart

With energy costs constantly rising, switching to solar has never been so important, especially when it comes with zero carbon emissions and is fully covered by the Australian Warranty. Solahart is the leader of solar solutions in the Illawarra region, here to help reduce your energy bills and make a greener planet. 

We can help you invest in energy that’s free from the sun! 

Let our dedicated local team provide you with information on a solar and battery system that is right for you with our friendly, personalised service and efficient, transparent and ethical business practices.

Solahart are certified Tesla Powerwall 2 installers, locally owned and operated here in Wollongong. We work hard to set you up with quality products and professional installations that make your home-living or business operations the most effective and cost-efficient they can be.


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